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Graphic Design

Untitled design (16).png
Email signatures to make you  stand out from
the crowd.
Adding an infographic with your contact information at the bottom of your email is the new business card. We've gone digital; don't get left behind. I want to create a beautiful digital sign-off for you.
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Untitled design (12).png
Never have to search for the perfect GIF for your Instagram Story again.
Do you wish you could easily add your logo to your Instagram stories? Do you work in a niche field that Instagram GIFs forgot? Have a dream GIF you can't find anywhere?
I can fix that. 
Untitled design (15).png
Untitled design (12).png
Make your home screen
Untitled design (15).png
You hang art on your walls right? So why not have art on the thing you look at the most - your phone. With Apple's new iOS update, you've probably seen the trend of #aesthetic app covers and floating pictures. Want that look without the work? Let's talk. 
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